Prickly Pear Soap

Prickly Pear Soap

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PrIckly Pear Soap is made from real prickly pear juice we collected in the desert ourselves. The oils of palm, coconut, canola, rice bran, castor and shea butter make this bar moisturizing and pleasant feeling on your skin. Wash with a little piece of the Sonoran Desert without the spines!

This happens at LovLab! Don’t be surprised if people all of a sudden walk up and start sniffing you! Imagine the freshest all-natural ingredients paired with the most incredible smelling fragrances available today. Holy Cow! We blend all natural, organic oils with our soaps and add the purest fragrance or essential oils to it for a divine, rich lather, all in a stunning display of color and design. You won’t find any toxins or harsh chemicals here! Each bar is handmade and hand cut with each bar weighing in at 4-5 oz. each. 

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Allergy warning: For people with skin sensitivities or allergies, you should first test the soap on a small area of the skin and discontinue use if irritation develops.