The Benefits of Using Coconut Oil in Handmade Soap

The Benefits of Coconut Oil in Soap

People have been reaping the benefits of coconut oil for thousands of years. Who would’ve thought that this time-tested health and beauty staple could literally grow on trees?

Coconut oil has plenty to offer beyond its science-backed restorative powers. Find out what makes it so special and why LovLab Natural Beauty uses it in all their soaps and in many other products. 

Bursting with Nutrients

The coconut is revered for its healing potential. In ancient Sanskrit, “coconut” translates to “the tree that supplies everything we need”, which explains why the coconut tree is often dubbed the “tree of life”.

Rich in micronutrients, coconut oil does wonders for the skin, hair and nails. It contains an assortment of vitamins, including B, C and E, which repair and replenish weary skin. Coconut oil and vitamin E are a particularly powerful combination, as the oil makes it easier for the vitamin to be absorbed through the skin.

Coconut oil contains a large amount of lauric, caprylic and capric acids, which act as antimicrobial agents and disinfectants that can treat small wounds and insect bites.

Cleansing and Moisturizing for the Body

When added to soap, coconut oil produces a creamy, cleansing lather. Its anti-bacterial properties wash away impurities, while its fatty acids get rid of dead skin without stripping away the body’s natural oils.

Due to its high-fat content, soap made with coconut oil is an excellent natural moisturizer. It’s particularly effective when applied to dry or flaky skin, as it provides intense hydration and seals in moisture. Its vitamin E content makes it ideal for treating and soothing skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, and acne.

Anti-Ageing Properties

The beautifying effects of coconut oil have been appreciated for centuries. This all-natural anti-ageing remedy contains an abundance of antioxidants that can protect against cell damage and slow down the appearance of wrinkles.

Research has shown that regular use of coconut oil boosts collagen production, which keeps our skin looking supple and smooth and clears up scars and blemishes. Coconut oil soap may not be the fountain of youth, but healthier, brighter-looking skin is another one of its perks.

A Renewable Resource

Besides boasting a multitude of health benefits, coconuts are a quickly renewable resource. The coconut tree yields an average of 120 coconuts a year and can last for more than 60 years. This abundant plant is harvested by hand without the use of harmful pesticides or herbicides. Something that the team at nude beauty products Australia are proud of.

Coconuts are recyclable and organic. Unlike your average skincare product on the market today, pure coconut oil soap doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients. So, you don’t have to worry about soaking up all those nasty toxins into your skin. By using pure coconut oil in soap, manufacturers are minimizing their impact on the environment.

Perfect for Hot Climates

Coconut oil is extremely suited to hot and humid climates, specifically Oceania. Not only can it help quench your body’s natural moisture when the sun and saltwater take their toll, but it has a cooling effect that can reduce heat in the body and keep you feeling fresh during the summer months.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, coconut oil is particularly fitting for warm body types. It can protect against overheating and curb inflammation. Coconut oil has a natural SPF of 4-5, and while it shouldn’t be used as a stand-alone sunscreen, it’s a great accompaniment to sun protection

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