November 9, 2019

Whew, what a journey it has been! In this first blog post I will tell you all how LovLab Natural Beauty got started. It's been a surprising development which is quickly growing into a solid business.

So, my name is Lisa and I am the creator of LovLab. I named it this because I love the word love, and my last name is Labbe, so naturally.... I have been very interested in using products that are natural over the past few years, given the discovery of harmful ingredients in things we use everyday. I was very concerned about the addition of aluminum products in deodorant, so one day I was Googling DIY natural deodorant recipes. Google took me to and my mind was totally blown! WOW, did they have a lot of cool bath and body products! I was instantly intrigued and wanted to try to make more than just deodorant! 

So to tell you about the deodorant; my first 3 or 4 recipes were crap, they didn't last and I found myself smelling after about 4 or 5 hours and needing re-application. Those of you who bought and tried it were probably thinking the same thing, but after much trial and error, I finally found a great recipe! The active ingredient is magnesium hydroxide. Magnesium is good for you anyway, but it really works. Paired with arrowroot powder and some great natural oils, it feels great and I have gone for up to 30 hours without re-applying. I am so happy I finally found a solution to what I originally was looking for.

Fast forward to today, I have been fortunate enough to make things that people like and enjoy giving to others. I have experimented on several different types of products and have found quite a few that I really like and use daily. I have hired someone to help me with packaging, labeling, and website editing amongst other things (THANK YOU NICOLE!) and she is a life saver. We work well together and now I don't feel as much pressure to spend the hours it takes to do the things she does and I have more time to concentrate on creating.

So thank each and every one of you for supporting me in my crazy venture. I am still doing real estate full time and I really love it, but soap is my creative outlet! It's relaxing and enjoyable for me and I hope to continue making awesome things in my studio!

I would really like to do some custom orders for someone! If there is anything you particularly like, let me know! I can even make you your own whole loaf of soap if you want :)

So that is the story of how I started. If you made it to the bottom, thank you for reading! I am going to make an attempt to post to this blog often and let you all know what's happening here! LOV YOU ALL!


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  • As a fellow soaper, I have been too sick to soap, and looking to support other small businesses this season, and came across yours. Your soaps are beautiful and we can’t stop sniffing the soaps! I am in love with the scents of the ones I purchased, and the designs are truly works of art. I would love to know where you source your fragrances from! They are fantastic! Thank you so much!!


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