Merry Christmas From LovLab Natural Beauty

As 2020 comes to a close, I have had a lot of thoughts and strange new feelings come to me; some comfortable, some uncomfortable. This was truly a year to remember, albeit not the best year for many of us.

When the pandemic first hit, I was happy to stay home with our two black labs, Mike and Jordy, re-do my entire yard, work on my LovLab Natural Beauty business and do real estate from home. It was a bit lonely with Johnathan being deployed, but we all bonded and tried to enjoy staying at home. I didn't leave my house for a good two plus months and enjoyed it. 

Boredom set in, I was missing my husband and my friends, missing going out to concerts, restaurants, bars and parties. I noticed people withdrawing, friends faded, socializing as we knew it came to a compete halt. I started venturing out a bit, as much as I dared but I did it alone, so it wasn't the same.  I always ended up back home again. When Johnathan came home, things were better for a while, but we both were feeling the same isolation. 

A couple of weeks ago I had a mini-meltdown. I felt like the whole world was cutting me off, like I was losing all my life-long friends, one by one. One day, crying, I called Johnathan at work and explained to him how I felt. He calmly said something that opened my eyes, and said it wasn't just me who was feeling this way. He said that even at work, he was around the same people, in the same environment, in the same situations, but it just "felt" different. I realized he was right; we have been taught to stay away from each other, taught to stay home, discouraged from entertaining and socializing with family, friends, church members, co-workers and the like. Bless him for making me think outside of my own little world.

So, my thoughts now revolve around telling you, my friends, I miss you. I think about all of you so much, even if we have only met briefly. I don't forget any of you. Business has been good this year but I have also given so much that there really wan't much profit. I gave to those that needed it, I gave to Veterans (alot!), and I gave to my friends and family. One day soon I hope all this nonsense, and yes, it is nonsense, will go away and we will be back to loving each other. 

This Christmas, make sure you call your friends and family, reach out to someone you think may need you, help someone who can't help themselves, and wrap your arms around those you can and give them the warmest, tightest hug you can. We all need to look our for each other. 

All of you are special and I want to thank you for making things better for me. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Make important memories, remember those who can't be with us during the holidays, stay healthy and keep in touch!

All my best, 


LovLab Natural Beauty


  • It’s 2021, and it’s been another year of the same. Your post is, I think, even more true than last year… reach out. Call. Write. Text. Pop by. Don’t let fear win. Love and Kindness will win the day, but we must be relentless with it. Keep being kind. Keep being loving. ❤🎶

  • We all love you Lisa! Even when we can’t see you or hug you.. No one IS like YOU


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